The Best Carpet Cleaning Services in Coventry

Carpet Cleaning Coventry

Carpet Cleaning Coventry

Are you struggling with stains, want a fast and painless dust removal or you are too busy to clean your property? We are the cleaning company for you – for over 10 years we have maintained and cleaned homes and offices in the Coventry, Hillingdon area at the lowest prices around.

We bring professionalism and understanding for your needs and a can-do attitude that can handle any cleaning problem you may have. Do not waste your precious time and money. Call Tip Top Cleaners Coventry Now 024 7735 0048 and we will make your house to look like brand new.

Carpet Cleaners Coventry

Cleaning Benefits

As we are a local carpet cleaning company, based in Coventry, we can react in a very short time, and be on your doorstep within half an hour of your call. We not only do same day visits but also work during weekends and holidays and what’s best is that we don’t charge any extra. Professional carpet cleaning will also give you:

  • Immaculately cleaned surfaces
  • All dust and stains removed
  • No toxins used
  • Lowers allergen counts dramatically
  • Is good around allergy-prone people

Service Information

Depending on the problem, condition, and age of your carpet, our team of experts will use the following:

Steam cleaning – is widely used to treat synthetic and woollen carpets, mainly because they can withstand the heat of the steam. It is very effective against nasty food and excrements stains as well as other organic stains. The steam, infused with a carefully chosen detergent, reacts with the stain, agitating it and removing it from the fibers of the carpet. It is then extracted using a powerful vacuum system that also draws out 95% of the moisture used, leaving only about 5% to be air-dried.

Dry cleaning – is a more gentle approach to tackles the same issues. Because it does not use any moisture nor does it generate heat, it is a preferred treatment when dealing with more gentle, water and heat damaged fibers. Fine dust spread across the affected area, driven deep into the base of the carpet with a fine brush. This allows for the dust to bind to wet and greasy stains without a problem. After a quick wait, the dust is drawn out along with all of the dirt and grime within the carpet by utilizing a strong vacuum.

Booking Our Services in Coventry

You can book Tip Top Cleaners fast and easy, by calling our call center on 024 7735 0048, filling out our booking form located on the site, or by entering our instant chat support room. We will contact you and go over the details of the scheduled visit. Call today and acquire about our newest discounts and offers.